MICES brings together participants from a variety of backgrounds, all sharing a common interest in eCommerce search.

Speakers include industry leaders and experts on eCommerce search from a variety of leading organization such as Zalando, Media Markt Saturn, Otto and our very own Founder, Angel Maldonado.

Angel Maldonado

Search succeeds not solely because of its capacity to function but also because of the way it makes us feel. When thinking about Search we need to recognise that the body of Search (the Interface) has the power to turn sophisticated technology into failure and simple technology into success.

This talk explores Search through the lens of what makes search good, what emotions it can evoke and how this relates to the product to make it truly irresistible with real life examples, research concepts and interaction experiments from Empathy.co Labs.

“An innovation is going to remain or not, depending on whether or not it works, and whether or not it works depends on how we feel about it.”
Antonio Damasio, Neuroscientists.

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