From 14 to 17 June, Berlin Buzzwords will bring together the most exciting talks on storing, processing, streaming and searching large amounts of digital data, with a focus on open source software projects. 

Empathy is enthusiastically participating in Berlin Buzzwords as the main sponsor. More than that, we also contribute thought leaders in Search as speakers. 

Here are some details on the Empathy team’s slots in the event agenda: 

How Me2B can improve your Search & Discovery experience

Pieter Vegt, MySearch Product Owner, will propose a decentralised solution that enables retailers to connect to the customer’s own environment. With this model, both retailers and customers gain more control – which opens up new possibilities for search and discovery.

 Talk Takeaways:

  • Proposal for a search experience within the customer’s own environment
  • The challenges and possible solutions for this search experience
  • Implications for business and customers (benefits and challenges)

Engineering Intent and Intent Measurability

Intent informs the essence of a product. Consequently, Measuring Intent establishes essential  guidelines for the creation of that product. Can intuitive and anticipatory products be engineered over a flat interpretation of intent, or can that which is unmeasurable be accounted for? 

Angel Maldonado, Founder & CEO, will show you how these important questions create the conditions bring forth ethical and irresistible products.

Digital & Ethics

How may we create digital products in a transparent and ethical way, guiding brands to create trustworthy experiences? In this workshop, Product Director Lara Menéndez and Founder & CEO Angel Maldonado will redefine concepts such as User, Analytics and Purpose, by elevating emotions as the core principal focus.

Workshop Takeaways:

  • A model for conceiving and designing product foundation from an ethical approach.
  • A glossary of concepts to refer to when protecting an individual’s product perceptions.

You may register here if you have not done so yet. Berlin Buzzwords exceeds expectations every year, offering an incredible agenda delivered through the most inspiring industry experts. See you there!