Today is the day! We are officially launching our new Search & Discovery platform. If you’re keeping tabs on us, you likely know we have been working on this for some time now. And we are very proud to announce our platform is officially available for all companies looking to respect their customers’ privacy while providing a human connection with each shopping experience.

Centred around trust and privacy, Empathy Platform breaks from conventional tracking and data storage methods that many companies continue to rely on.

Brands using the platform benefit from enhanced tools and insights to design engaging commerce experiences that drive customer loyalty. 

Our new platform uses ethical and privacy-lead AI to deliver privacy-first personalisation and 1:1 recommendations, opposing invasive, tracking-based personalisation. 

Give people the power to decide what data they share with brands and how and when they share it, while providing an intuitive and enjoyable user experience.

A first in the industry, our new Privacy Board unlocks insights to help brands understand and enhance data protection and privacy policies. Get a detailed view of the privacy timeline in real-time and a full understanding of your tracking compliance, all while being able to talk to an expert. Easily review and make adjustments, depending on customer and business needs:

  • Analyse performance
  • Identify potential risks
  • Highlight areas for improvement

Extensible microservices with flexibility enable brands to adapt the Search & Discovery experience to their businesses with advanced configuration tools

  • Effortlessly fine-tune the Search & Discovery experience using no-code controls.
  • Tailor results, promotions and campaigns and how their customers can view them. 

Empathy Platform is now available to all companies to join the likes of Music Magpie, Kroger, Carrefour, and more, to take key steps toward protecting customer data and rebuilding brand trust. 

Reflecting on the launch, Product Director Lara Menéndez said:

‘This new Empathy Platform is a landmark not only for us as a business but for the wider ecommerce sector. We are quickly reaching a tipping point where consumers will simply no longer tolerate the misuse of their data and the invasive practices that characterise so much of their current experience online. We must now tip the scales back in favour of consumers, prioritise their privacy, and look to build relationships based on trust and transparency. We’re thrilled to be working with retailers and brands such as Music Magpie and Massimo Dutti, plus many more to bring this to life. By kick-starting this change and working directly with businesses, we can deliver seamless search experiences and give them the results they need whilst protecting customers’ right to data privacy.’

David Pert, Head of Ecommerce at Music Magpie, said: 

‘Working with and implementing their platform as part of our online user experience will allow us to build and forge better and more meaningful relationships with our customers. Our continued growth and success as a business need to continue to look for ways to improve and enhance our online experience. By utilising’s new platform, we are able to have the best of both worlds: where we can understand and meet the needs of our customers whilst respecting and protecting their data privacy.’

Looking to elevate your business’ Search & Discovery experience too? Reach out and we’ll be happy to help.