To make our commitment to nurturing talent and equal opportunities in the workforce official, we’ve signed the Women in MACH Manifesto, a new initiative supporting women in tech and leadership.

The manifesto, aimed at rethinking the future of diversity and inclusion at innovative MACH companies, is the outcome of a two-day event organised between mindcurv, commercetools, and, supported by the MACH Alliance.

This pledge marks a new chapter in our Equality Plan, created to guarantee trust, understanding, and joy for all employees and our company culture.

More than a signature: a force for change

Thanks to our exponential growth in the past months, we’ve launched the Equality Plan to reflect how existing and new employees will be treated, boosting a sense of belonging, and safety has become a priority.

Our Equality Plan paves the way towards diversity and inclusion initiatives, including a protocol against gender violence in the workplace, in collaboration with the General Union of Workers of Spain, and a course on curbing biases for all employees.

By signing the Women in MACH Manifesto, we’ve identified more actions to translate our company ethos of respect and integrity to the (virtual) workplace.

‘Equality at Empathy is more than just a word. Almost half of the executive team is female. We have amazing talent working across the company, which we try and showcase at every opportunity. And we make sure that panel discussions, such as the ones from ECA, always exist of at least 50% women. This is how we translate ‘Empathy’ to everyday reality.’ - Angel Maldonado, CEO

How the manifesto works: a transparent tool for diversity and inclusion

The manifesto contains six topics, developed during the Women in MACH meetup in Madrid in September 2022:

  • Equality in hiring
  • Promotion based on merit
  • Equal pay
  • Culture
  • Allies
  • Representation in leadership

Each topic consists of 3 to 10 action points, containing 35 actions. At least 5 of these action points must be selected by the companies involved, ensuring that they reflect their ideas of equal opportunities in the workplace.

By embracing 17 action points, we wanted to take the lead and show our commitment to embracing sustainable change and growth for women working in MACH. And by being held publicly accountable, everyone can see and assess our actions.

What’s up next? Learning from the best

Our commitment and involvement will continue to grow, sooner rather than later, with a new Elevate Women event on 14 December with Leoni Janssen from the BaaS company.

As founder and lead strategist, Leoni is known for her go-getter attitude and visionary approach to brand building in tech. With over 10 years of experience in consultancy, she knows how to start and keep building movements, learning from success and failure.

Leoni will join Ana Seijas to share stories about forming a community of allies, the importance of diversity in the workspace, and leadership and communication, based on her extensive experience working in tech.