The shortest day of the year is behind us, and so is the fall. Now that winter has arrived, it is time to explore the Autumn Release Notes to find out what changes the season brought with it. The Empathy Platform Docs team has compiled their accomplishments and laid them out on the EPDocs portal, and we’ve got a quick overview for you, here.



Merchandisers and Analysts got to experience their Yearly Summary for the first time, a recap of their brand’s Search & Discovery performance over the course of 2022. Also launched in this release was the Empathy Platform Docs Video Library, which makes is easy to find the exact clip desired in a single collection of videos. The Index service underwent a redesign, as well. It is now scalable horizontally to optimise resources and improve system performance, thanks to simultaneous feed management.

As far as enhancements, Product Result Cards have been revamped to be more expressive and dynamic for an even more joyful shopping experience. Synonymize is now supported by embedded machine learning technology and offers the ability to implement similar term suggestions. My Highlights also experienced a refresh during the fall, with a fully personalisable setup that includes widgets, most notably the Opportunities widget that offers actionable insights based on KPI performance.

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