As soon as we start developing a marketing strategy, we need to create our measurable concepts, as well as monitoring and planning concepts. This is highly important because having these ‘structured’ strategy, we can analyse and measure our goals and see if we are having success or failing. At this point is when KPIs appear. Key Performance Indicators are those variables that we consider strategic for our model of business. Thus, when talking about findability and KPIs we are referring to the different metrics that we use to measure the efficiency of our engine search. Thanks to KPIs we can segment the information as the client wants, distinguish among different versions of our browser, languages and much more details that makes our engine search be more effective. kpi Which are the KPIs that affect findability?

  • Queries: we can measure the amount of search words in a site. Thus, it would give the brand useful information regarding what the users are interested in.
  • Click Throug: it measures the click ratio in queries. For example, if 1,000 people make a search and 1,000 click on any result, this ratio would be 100%. Thus, the information given in this case is also important, since the brand can analyse if what they offer is interesting or not for users.
  • Findability: one of our most important KPIs. It analyses the volume of clicks in first page. This is, the number of users that click on any product they find in the first page. It is useful to know if what we are showing to them in their searches are what they are looking to, or they need to search further in 2 nd or 3 rd
  • No results: When users do not find what they are searching and make no click. It can be considered a great opportunity to generate better results by using the tools of synonyms or boost, for instance.

Our clients receive all this information and they can even access to it, so they can analyse results and reformulate their strategy with the numbers given. One of the advantages of this kind of way of working is that EmpathyBroker focus on users behaviour and considers the percentage of searches and clicks, as well as the differentiation among site with search and site with navigation. All this data generates a huge impact in our clients’ strategy. Finally, EmpathyBroker engine search shows the conversion rate in comparison to navigation rate, as well as showing the final revenue the tool is causing in the total revenue of the client.