Sometimes, we like to say Findability is a kind of magic . But far from being a spooky concept, Findability is all about numbers, analysis and, especially, empathy. When you get visitors data from your site search you are able to design a better sales strategy based on users’ intentions and navigation. Search data allows you to change your strategy and anticipate trends from early adopters to target early majority . However, there’s another easy, cyclic and super predictable way to anticipate search trends: have you checked your CALENDAR? No, we don’t mean your work schedule, we mean the ‘everybody’s’ calendar.

It is inevitable. People are creatures of habits. Every special date or holiday, especially the most consumerists ones, we all run looking for something that fits for the occasion, including Halloween (no matter how adult you are). Yep, but what has that to do with my ecommerce?

You are probably asking yourself this question. Well, even if you are not selling costumes or pumpkins, you don’t want to let down your users when they ‘Knock Knock’ your site, isn’t that right? Here you have some tips to get your site ready for strange visitors, little monsters, modern witches or scared returning users!

1- PERSONALIZE YOUR DEFAULT SEARCH BOX TEXT </em> A simple copy can change everything. Take advantage of this space to wink and engage users. halloween 2- DESIGN A SPECIAL LAYOUT Have you seen the corner shop’s windows, all decorated in Halloween theme? Try to dress your search box too and get your site in the mood for Halloween. halloween2 3- PREPARE A SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR YOUR 404 A ‘Not Found’ page is always a not desirable but inevitable option. Let’s look at the bright side, create a funny message and show products as a sales strategy. halloween3 4- CALL TO ACTION POP-UP Maybe you think a POP-UP is something démodé. But it always has a point of surprise. Why not catch the attention of users when they are hesitating about your results? Change your unclicks into a good CTR. halloween4 5- FAKE SPOOKY AUTOCOMPLETE SUGGENTIONS Do you have a relaxed relationship with your customers? Is your brand communication closed to your users? Then, you’d better apply to your search box this crazy idea! halloween5