With over 95 years of jewellery craftwork, TOUS family has adapted to its audience over the years without losing its seal, its essence and its savoir-faire .

In 2016, considering the evident digital demand, TOUS is preparing to tune up its ecommerce and improve what they were always doing: listening to their customers.

Ready for responsive design, TOUS search engine fits the screen of any mobile device and improves user experience wherever they are. tous2 An ad hoc search engine active in all online stores, that undoubtedly enhances the user experience and increases the duration of visits to the site . TOUS is not only a site for seeking bears; users will face to a whole world of jewellery of all shapes, colours and materials. The variety of products in an ecommerce requires a good menu structure, good filters and a powerful and intuitive internal search engine , even more if we talk about an ecommerce as TOUS that indexes around 5000 products.

Similarly, TOUS can now better listen to their customers by analysing searches through
which are most clicked or searched products, how are they searched and where did users click are no longer a mystery thanks to the functionality of the tool.

On the other hand, the technology allows EmpathyBroker to show real-time results as the user is typing in the search box. This achieves the user to see more products related to his searches . This experience resembles the physical store shopping: the customer goes through different corridors and sections that might also be interested in. EmpathyBroker makes TOUS an easy space to find bears in…and more precious jewels.