Search is undeniably transformative. It holds the power to connect people to brands, keeping them engaged and inspired throughout their shopping journey. Recognising the importance of a seamless shopping experience, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, Europe’s leading household appliance manufacturer, embarked on a mission to revamp its onsite search and merchandising solution. In pursuit of this goal, BSH explored the potential of Empathy Platform to elevate their search experience and deliver an unforgettable journey that earns customers’ loyalty and trust.

Revamping the Search and Merchandising Solution

Through a collaborative effort, we put together a Proof of Concept to address critical pain points and deliver the desired outcomes. The custom solution tackled challenges such as the need for a pre-search scenario, poor performance and response time, insufficient customer intent visibility, and limited back-office tooling and search insights.

With a clear vision in mind, BSH’s aim was to enhance the search experience, improve customer satisfaction, and reaffirm themselves as an industry leader in delivering a joyful journey for shoppers.

Addressing Critical Pain Points 

By overcoming the aforementioned challenges, BSH could deliver a seamless search experience beyond a standard eCommerce catalogue.

This achievement enhanced the overall customer experience and solidified BSH’s commitment to excellence in the search journey.

A Unified and Powerful Solution 

Empathy Platform offered BSH the unified tools, insights, and additional features needed to understand customers’ journeys better, anticipate their needs, and deliver accurate and tailored results. The platform’s capabilities include:

Empathy Platform empowered BSH to make data-driven decisions, personalise recommendations, and implement privacy protections while gaining valuable insights into their customers’ behaviour and journey.

Empathy Platform brought significant improvements for BSH, leading to impressive results with a positive impact on their search and merchandising performance:

Empowering Personalisation

With Empathy Platform, BSH enhanced customer satisfaction by leveraging valuable insights into the shopping journey, allowing them to personalise their customer experience.

The support and fruitful collaboration of two partners, foryouandyourcustomers and Neteleven provided BSH merchandisers with intuitive tooling controls within the Empathy Platform Playboard. This unique, merchandiser-centric setup allowed BSH’s brands to curate the eCommerce search and navigation experience across their websites in multiple languages.

Empathy Platform has proven to be a game-changer for BSH, delivering outstanding results and transforming their commerce search journey, showcasing the value of a seamless and personalised search experience.

Get in touch with our team and discover how Empathy Platform can enhance your customers’ search experience, improve findability, boost conversions, and drive business success.