Merchandisers want to provide a stellar experience for their shoppers, so it is no surprise that configuration management is a key piece of our Search & Discovery platform here at When it comes to ecommerce, there are infinite possibilities as to the setup and arrangement of a site. But, before we go any further, let’s clarify what we mean by configuration management.

When we talk about configuration management, we are referring to the process of establishing, modifying and implementing rules for ecommerce Search & Discovery within the Empathy Platform Playboard. It’s part of the internal product setup we utilise that allows us, as well as our Partners, to create and manage instances, and subsequently configure them through no-code tooling.

Empathy Platform has an ever-growing array of components, tools, and configurations. It is also rapidly-evolving, just like our customers’ needs – precisely why we decided to give merchandisers a tool within the Playboard to make crucial modifications to their ecommerce sites in real time. Having the power to adapt their online shop in an instant means our clients are able to customise Empathy Platform components to their business needs and specifications independently, or with the help of a trusted Empathy Partner.

By modifying our existing internal instance management application, we were able to develop the base for a code-free, user-friendly system that gives merchandisers and brands the opportunity to design the best possible experience for their shoppers. Gradually, we crafted an interface that allows for intuitive, no-code tooling within the Empathy Platform Playboard: the Instance Management Console.

That means our customers are able to make as many changes as they want to their ecommerce configuration in the Playboard as they see fit, and see them implemented in real time!

While the Instance Management Console came about as a way to give our customers the ability to define their brand’s merchandising configurations on their own, it ended up laying the foundation for something even bigger: the Empathy Partner Programme. Now, with the help of our Partners, makes it even easier to customise brands’ ecommerce Search & Discovery experience – all thanks to the Instance Management Console.

Want to see it in action? Check out the product demo!