For recently years, ecommerce is continually growing and its evolution is exponential. According to the latest study by the National Commission Markets and Competition (CNMC) between April and June 2016 approximately 69.5 million e-commerce transactions were made, which means an increase of 23% compared to the previous quarter. Bearing in mind, ecommerce shops should base their strategies on listening to the user and improving those key points to increase sales .

Firstly, we talk about UX ‘User eXperience’, which is one of the most important factors in ecommerce . And not just as an experience for the buyer, conversions and success of an online store, but also as a tool that is increasingly influenced by the SEO . img1 On the other hand, and considering a recent study of Nielsen , 37% of respondents confirm that they start the purchasing process in their mobile device. At this point, the question raising should be which factors make them to finalise the process? Pricing comparisons and proximity of the selling point affects their decision in 70% and 60% respectively. Moreover, before they say ‘yes, click’, 51% affirms looking for other users opinions and reviews, both considering the product itself as well as the online shop, in case they do not have previous experience. Among most valued factors by online users, good pictures quality, a responsive website and a good product description are essential for most users surveyed at the time of making the purchase. 15% also said that an app increases the usability and browsing the online store, against those who make it via URL.

In general, the online user is cautious and likes to check prices and reviews online, especially when we talk about multibrand marketplaces. In fact 56% say that before buying a less well-known store, they look for references in major brands sites, in which user reviews are present. If it comes to online comparators, 16% of respondents say they do use them, compared to 35% who prefer to access directly to the site in which they will make the purchase.