Relevancy is one of the main challenges in the search industry, right now. Product relevancy, sure, but brand relevancy, as well. Hold on, we’re talking about merchandising, why are you referring to brand relevance? Well, because the more relevant a brand’s catalogue results are in their cookie- and tracker-free ecommerce shop, the higher customers’ confidence. Essentially, the more accurate and effective the Query Ranking, the better the customer experience.

So, how can this be done, all without using Personally Identifiable Information? Here at, we’ve offered this as our classic Boost tool in the Empathy Platform Playboard, but now we’ve made some important changes. Previously, our Search API, Equalize, and Contextualize services joined forces to scan the catalogue for matching results and subsequently order them by relevancy; acting on a specific query or product, with the ability to schedule the Boost.

While it served our customers well with a high level of usability that met their needs, we opted to revamp the tooling for an even more advantageous experience. Ideally, we wanted to tackle the fact that there was only one function that could be controlled by the tool, remove overlapping rules, and affect multiple elements, while increasing visibility and upping usability even more.

So, we did! The latest iteration of our Query Ranking tool now includes controls for two functions: Boost and Bury. Better yet, the boosting and burying not only applies to products, but also to attributes, offering increased merchandiser granularity. This updated tooling offers brands the ability to fine-tune their search capabilities and send items to the beginning or end of the results, via product or attribute. Plus, it provides the ability to filter and schedule within the solution, offering greater flexibility when configuring the ecommerce search experience.

Long story short: Query Ranking is a flexible tool that offers control over two elements and can employ overlapping criteria within the tooling. Oh, and did we mention that there is now the ability to lock in configurations in the Playboard? By only allowing admins to modify configurations – not everyone – companies, especially large ones that have many people manipulating the search configurations, are able to ensure that their desired setup remains as they intended.

Go get your Boost & Bury on, Searchandizers! The Query Ranking tool is waiting for you in the Playboard.