The future of search is not search but Empathy.

I am both pleased and excited to share a new venture: ; an open lab where our amazing Data, Insights and Front-Engineer teams will be sharing their advancements in connecting the way people behave with the online stores understanding, creating the conditions for Digital Empathy. </a> holds plans for many singular areas of progression (more below), and yet today, it provides a space to share and amplify our research and explorations in understanding the People who interact with Commerce Search . publishes weekly new Data Visualisations for Commerce . These Visualisations are created within the scope of EmpathyBroker’s new Dashboard: Play ; a playground for the Analytics and Merchant professionals designed to enjoy the process of understanding and acting on Commerce Journeys. new-venture1 Now Sample Real-Time Visualisation of query clusters by performance new-venture2

What matters in

Search is a complex multi-dimensional problem whose solution is contained (-as with any other intricate problem-) in the way you define the problem itself. Solving Search means pleasing the User, the Human Being behind the Query . Such goal goes beyond any technical rational and into wishful emotional thinking. Succeeding with Search is about connecting with the fundamental emotional nature of the Person who seeks to find.

This is why I feel that the future of Search, Personalisation, Experiences and whatever other pool of features is Digital Empathy, this is why Search is not only about Information Processing, but about Communication. Quality in Communication is driven by Context and understanding context requires to observe with clinical eye the very nitty gritty of every interaction, of every conditioning factor.

How can one achieve such wishful understanding of People’s journeys?

I believe will enable new understandings of these journeys leading to more empathetic thinking processes and derived decisions. feeding on the Stakeholder’s empathy towards Commerce behaviours, a goal that Data Visualisation can certainly achieve in greater capacity that mere Data/Table sets.

What’s ahead for ImagineYourData?

There are many possible advancements, from Platform Independence (so any user can upload their own data sets first and data streams secondly), Visualisation Standarisation in EmpathyBroker Dashboard: Play and even reaching to completly new sets of Data inspired by the paradigm shifts in Personal Data and Privacy although this is another story that I wish to share in a post of its own in the near future. Succeeding in product design is all about succeeding in understanding People , about going deeper in our uniqueness, in our complex nature. Connecting to People requires understanding and understanding demands to break through and away from the legacy notion of Data reporting . is a condition setter initiative which will take our vision to new heights, our customer’s to new levels of Digital Empathy and our end users to greater quotas of enjoyment and ultimately happiness .

Stay tuned to and keep an eye on the growing complexities and aesthetic representations intended to help you connect with your market in joyful and beautiful ways.