Today January the 6th is the day Christians celebrate the arrival of the Three Kings and with it the end of the festive Christmas season. This day is celebrated as the Epiphany (according to the Gospel of Matthew ; the Twelfth Night after baby Jesus birth where Three Wise Men visited him bringing presents). A sudden realisation of truth; Epiphany , a Greek word meaning to show (-referring to Jesus being revealed to the world-).

I am no Christian although many of its values are inevitably embedded within my conduct, whether I like it, know it or not. However, I do worship the concept of Epiphany, of realisation of truths. Today, in Christian culture, children receive presents, objects that are given by parents and presented to them as gifts from the magical Three Kings. Parades round Catholic cities present to their children these Three Kings, music bands and caravans march with hundreds of participants through packed streets while the children and parents salute them (in actual fact, shout at them). IMG_3645 This morning children receive their presents, believing that have been given by these magical Three Kings. Families make great efforts, providing toys, devices, clothes, etc. Those are not my Three Kings, those are not Wise, nor fare. Those Three Kings are and shall be identified as fools, for wise magical givers deserve a much better treatment, for the sake of the world of children.

My Three Kings are magicians, for real, wise magic they give away. Their presents reflect that everything is possible and have an effect on children so they, themselves make anything possible.

If all the desire to believe in magic of all children who go through this fabulous day was to be directed towards the believe in the self rather than the ephemeral consumption of objects, the world would be a magical place. Why celebrating magical kings who can bring anything rather than celebrating that every children is capable of achieving anything? This truth is the Epiphany to be realised. It is truth that anything can be achieved, and if children do not believe in this, then, when these children grow they will see this truth as impossible while defining the concept of “magic” as a game of illusions and not an energy sourced from hopes.