We all love Search, that one place where you can actually say something, type anything and get a response. Going into a site with illusion and willing to buy what you need. When sending a query one feels like opening a present wondering what is behind. And when a search engine knows the user, it gives exactly what he needs and wants. more-than-just-search Search can be one of the coolest parts of a store and it can also be the most annoying. It has always been exciting, and the higher expectations and desires are placed on its responses, the greater the chances of getting either really annoyed or feeling that wonderful eureka moment. So, as the brand behind the search engine, it is key to offer a good Search service to the user. Search has this power to trigger these feelings and therefore needs to be looked at carefully and creatively. An eCommerce Search project requires much more than just a Search Engine. Search is pure Human Computer Interaction and the perception of its performance is subjective, totally dependent on the eye of every consumer. For that reason, paying special attention to the Search Engine offered might have huge effect on business results, considering that happy customer will come back or keep navigating (and buying) and dissatisfied customer will only increase bounce rate. Now, Findability, as a concept is here to serve as an objective metric, to provide something for us to hold on to within this subjective multi-dimensional problem, something that is directly related to how people feel when searching, something to tell us whether consumers Find what they are looking for and therefore make the kind of decisions that make consumers happy.