Search isn’t sexy

Search IS sexy. If you see search as a vital component of your ecommerce site , then it can be like lingerie. With your site already working efficiently and with it being appealing to the consumer, this added layer can be the difference to a higher conversion rate ;). If we look at this is a fine example of how search can improve the way in which your site works for the consumer. Zara make search the focal point of their website and allow their customers to discover. Lavinia site search

Search isn’t a channel

Site search generally isn’t seen as an important channel e.g. Email, Paid Search/Display, SMS etc . However, site search should be treated as its own channel and focused on accordingly. As we have seen with our partners, when you dedicate time on site search and understand the nuances that are involved, you can return fantastic results. Not only that, but search is one of the few channels where you can get a very good grasp of customer needs and demands. With that in mind site search should be an area of your website in which is routinely analyzed and improved.

No Results Are a negative

No results are BAD?! That’s the perception a lot of us have, if we have no results and a high percentage of them, then our search isn’t working well enough. However, no results, at times, are great for a business. They allow us to see trends that we might be able to capitalize on and create new products within our catalogue that match the queries. It can also help us to improve, there are always anomalies and we can realize issues with our search performance . Also, suggestions of other products are a great addition to your no results page which in turn improve customer experience and improve findability .

Search is intuitive

There is this perception that search should be able to return the results that you want it to, with minimum effort from a setup point of view. Search is intuitive to a degree, however let’s be clear, search is only as good as the data that feeds it. The most important part of a search project and all projects in the digital marketing sphere is the data that underpins the results that you want to see. Without making this an important part of your search strategy , inevitably there will be areas in which you feel that you are falling behind because of the lack of progression that this allows. Get that part right and the rest will follow.