So that with Media Markt “being happy costs so little” is something already knew. But now that EmpathyBroker is part of this electronics giant’s life, finding what you are looking for costs so little too.

EmpathyBroker’s commitment with Media Markt is to get a much more simple and intuitive navigation experience for users. Proof of this is the service of “ suggested results “ EmpathyBroker included in the internal search engine of Media Markt, showing the best results related to the search performed by the user . These excellent results are based on those most successful searches, in other words, queries with great search volume and product click. EmpathyBroker MediaMarkt In addition to suggesting popular or successful searches, the autosuggest feature displays the categories in which the product we are looking for is located. Naturally, the search engine is seamlessly integrated into the header of Media Markt in line with the brand identity. In order to achieve super optimized results EmpathyBroker has worked on a self-managed tool that could control Media Markt results grid with minimal effort. Thanks to the function Equalize , Media Markt can prioritize some results over others based on search data of its users.

Having over 60,000 indexed products, Media Markt know what products are more searched, liked and which ones get higher conversion rate following a deliberate search. Now we can affirm that look and find happiness costs little.