EmpathyBroker’s Team is very glad to announce our last and successful project for Massimo Dutti: the integration of our site search on the brand’s mobile app.

We all knew that our main goal was to get an amazing mobile user experience very similar to the brand’s communication code: sober, minimal and clean. And, of course, we kept in mind that the search feature is between 2-4x times more used in mobile devices than in desktop ecommerce sites.

We could say that this project has been built over two important concepts: SIMPLICITY and PRACTICALITY . Two concepts that become all the more significant when the integration must be done for an App that is available in more than 20 languages. So, how did we do it? All factors are important when we are working on a new search integration. But we can always highlight a few features that make the difference in each project:

Search Box Visibility

</em> Placing the ‘box’ on the top, with a clear and simple design but with full respect to the Brand image and the rest of the content. Massimo Dutti Seach app 1 </li> </ol>

Main Categories Filtering

</em> Aiming to get a perfect and natural fussion between search experience and navigation by making the interaction easier. Massimo Dutti Seach app 2

Search Experience First

</em> Showing results in a very simple way with a minimal and very visual grid. Massimo Dutti Seach app

Customized Results Ranking

Thanks to EmpathyBroker’s Tool, Massimo Dutti can rank its products depending on its merchandising needs by adjusting several values such as product category, new products or sales.

Naturally, other features as synonyms, misspelling corrector or product boosting are also working hard inside EmpathyBroker Search Engine for the success of Massimo Dutti’s App.