Now in today’s world, there is also the possibility of buying flowers online and receiving them at home. Thus, knowing this growing necessity, Interflora became one of the most important ecommerce brands in the floral industry, internationally.

Then, to make the users’ life easier, Interflora has made available, the use of a search engine , which offers a different way of discovering flowers for any occasion. And there are diverse options that facilitate the user experience when searching for a beautiful bouquet or a specific flower, for every occasion all over the world.

To begin with, instant results are shown as soon as the user begins searching. Thus, the process of search and discovery becomes a very visual and seamless experience that users enjoy. interflora

Furthermore, users can filter by categories (occasions, plants, roses, flowers, news, top sales, catalogue, sales…) and prices. Thus, users find only what they want , not disinteresting products that will turn into unimpressed users leaving the site.

The third feature is ranking . Different criteria is used to sort products according to user behaviour   and product sales. And do not forget about the option for Banners. Banners are used to give context to the search and perform cross-selling actions. (Ex: funeral) interflora1 Moreover, interflora adds internal links options that offer connections to other services’ pages. For example France, Mexico…giving similar results as well. interflora2 Interflora gives you the ability to find a floral gift for any occasion. Making it now, much easier to give flowers to someone ;)