From today is the new brand that will replace EmpathyBroker and is where this new identity will be hosted.

We’re super excited to announce as the new brand which will help to define and tell the story of the most human search technology ever dreamt. One that has been designed with humans in mind; people whose thoughts and affects are inseparable, whose emotions state whether something “works”., as a new identity, promises to be even more human and more capable of developing the tools that can evoke the right emotion at the right time. Continuing to embody its sophisticated search stack in ways that transform Experiences into meaningful Relations.

Experiences into meaningful Relations

So why the change? Well, while the vision has always been to deliver more meaningful and joyful interactions and to create a world that’s more empathetic and reflective of the human one, our belief in this has grown a lot stronger.

When EmpathyBroker was launched back in 2012 we saw ourselves as brokers between our customers and theirs, helping create and evoke engaging and intuitive relations. We also entertained the idea that search was incomplete without a body and that therefore the body of search, the interface, was also responsible for driving and delivering the perception of value.

As the years have gone by, we’ve moved away from the idea of being a broker and have grown much stronger in this belief of search needing a body. We’ve evolved the original thinking and stack by mapping software components, the mind, with interface components, the body, to produce integral associations that interact, support and realize one another.

Search needs to be more human, as any other technology or product that interacts with people. The moment you set your mind to do that, preconceived ideas about data and technology change forever, like some kind of epiphany that changes everything.

The new brand is the consequence of this realization, giving conditions to create even more marvelous deliverables and nurturing the unique company culture that gives the team so much freedom to share their passion for search.

And, as with Search, we wanted something that was practical and worked but that was also attractive and relatable. Something that delighted and reflected the human connection that we strive to bring to everything we do. We wanted it to also reflect the modular and bespoke nature of our solutions with a design that could be taken apart, and put back together. It was a big ask but we like it, and we hope you do to!