Starting a working life is, sometimes, a complicated and doubtful task. Changing a life focused on study, marked by the deadlines for assignments and exams, to a professional life where every week you have to attend several challenges and you must be permanently on the crest, in many cases can be stressful to the young worker.

To facilitate the incorporation of new talents into this new professional reality, Empathy has decided to launch its Empathy Academy project. The Academy is a tutoring plan for FP, degree and master’s degree students, or recent graduates of the university, people who will become part of our staff through an internship to feed on our know-how and work with the most cutting-edge technological tools.

The projects that they will carry out with us will be individually tutored by an Empathy professional, and their subject matter will be varied: from TFG or TFM, to innovation projects that Empathy proposes to them. Empathy Academy participants might further develop OhMyPod, our Solid-based data decentralization project, or build new data visualisation and Playboard tool functionalities.

Currently there are five students mastering Empathy Academy, and as the year progresses we will hire new candidates thanks to our agreements with the universities of Oviedo, La Coruña and Valencia, in addition to the CIFP La Laboral.

Our objective is not only training, but also the dissemination of students’ work. Therefore, students will leverage our external communication channels to share their work and explain their development philosophy and methodology.

Empathy Academy is an opportunity for students to enjoy training, knowledge-sharing, and pioneering work in data decentralization and interface ingenuity. It’s another way that Empathy seeks to lead the industry by example – by being more human.