Some weeks ago, we announced that tag templates are available on Google Tag Manager (GTM). For those sites using GTM, integrating Empathy’s processed data is now a quick and simple process – no fussy technical tasks or code development required.

Collecting data using tools such as Google Analytics or third-party platforms is especially critical for e-commerce. In fact, we are aware that most Empathy clients are using Google Tag Manager as their service for integrating all the different marketing and analytics tools that track events on their website.

Any e-commerce site using GTM can integrate Empathy Tagging in just a few minutes! Just look for Search tags within the Tags container on GTM, configure a few variables and filters – and voilà! Done. What’s more, if you are already integrating Google Analytics data through GTM, you may reuse the existing triggers and variables.

See below how easy it is to integrate your Empathy Tagging with some simple steps:

We have two different tags available on GTM:

  • Search – Query: for collecting all the information related to searches made by users on your site. Which queries are trending on your site? How about queries without results?
  • Search – Interactions: for the integration of all the interactions with your search results. Which queries are showing the best performance? Which ones are not performing as they should?

With this simple tagging method, all the search events happening on your site will be collected in the Empathy Stats API and accessible through the Empathy Playboard or your own reporting. You’ll have a deeper understanding of the intentions of your users and whether they’re finding what they’re looking for. Also, you can easily track which queries are performing better or worse.

What additional value will Empathy Search KPIs provide to the current analysis you’re doing?

  • Search Funnel: understand the conversion path directly from search, from the initial query to checkout. Not only understand what’s going on in your search sessions but also understand whether or not the success or conversion is directly caused by a good search session.
  • Detailed analysis by query: a deep conversion path for each query. Which queries have the best or worst performance? Which ones are generating the majority of the revenue from search?
  • Findability: how much effort must your users make to find what they’re looking for? This KPI allows you to understand how many of your search clicks take place in the first page of results.
  • No Results Analysis: a detailed list of the top queries lacking results in your site and related trends. Is any term a candidate to be added to your catalogue?

We have already tested this Empathy Tags with some clients; it is surprising how easily and quickly they had the search events fired and tracked! If you are using GTM and you have not activated Tags yet, let’s go for it! In case you need help, or you have any questions within the tagging process, do not hesitate to contact us.