Imagine your client always finds what they need when they come to your site. Imagine that they love your brand so much that they recommend you to everyone they know? Stop imagining! Make it happen! findability We have already talked about the great advantages of a successful Search Engine that knows, analyses and helps the user searches, so both the company and the customers are happy during the purchase process. But, how do we summarise the most important ideas that demonstrate the fact that Findability is key for e-Commerce ?

  • Search can be one of the most exciting parts of ecommerce and it can also be the most annoying. If a customer feels the brand is giving them what they need, the experience will be successful. We will make people feel good during their path to purchase by analysing what they are looking for.
  • It is not easy, we know that. Each unique consumer has unique intentions and the right result for one consumer can be the wrong result for another. Our objective is to consider the consumer context and then offering them a gratifying experience rather than only displaying results.
  • When Search is considering each consumer’s variable context, the probability of success is highly improved. Thus, showing results in an aesthetically pleasing way, the consumer perceives them not only as efficient but enjoyable too.
  • So, we have to put the client first and work under a customer-centric strategy that considers what type of demands people articulate through the Search box .
  • Findability also rewards the user’s experience by understanding both their intention and effort, and placing it at the centre of ecommerce strategies . By offering them not only products but a customer centric purchase experience also and by treating them not only as a mean but also as an end.
  • Besides, an omnichannel strategy will also increase good results, just because you offer the same successful experience in all devices.
  • Finally, Findability gives you a lot of results and data that you can analyse in depth to obtain specific details to understand your customers’ needs and offering them the best purchase experience.

This is why Findability is so important, because it helps when maximised across all eCommerce channels. Search influences beyond the Site, this is a reality that can’t be ignored. And you can understand this in more detail in this white paper that you may not put aside.