The success of travelling through e-commerce

It is the journey that matters not the destination, the doing is usually more important than the outcome ”. I believe we can apply this quote to how we view e-commerce and identify success. Too often within e-commerce we talk about simple conversion metrics that don’t focus on the customer or brand experience , both of which are extremely important and hold great value. The same can be said with regards to site search. The main goal seems to be whether the customer bought or not, regardless of their experience. findability-and-add2cart-correlation

We at EmpathyBroker focus on the route the customer took to get to the fun bit - revenue. As individuals we love going on holidays but we need to focus on the hard work and challenges before we have earned the right to go. As an e-commerce brand we must earn the right for our customers to purchase from us.

It is very easy to talk about committed customers who will inevitably become $ signs because they desperately need a new pair of work shoes or whatever the item may be. However, what about those customers who have not made that decision yet, the ones that are not compelled to buy. We have the opportunity to convince them. dashboard-diagram

At the end of the day we are all sales people when we think of e-commerce. Thus, it is this journey/experience that can be the difference between prospects becoming a customer or leaving your site disinterested because they did not find what they were looking for. And at this point is where findability starts to act.

Search is the true human side of your site. It is where we are able to completely understand the intention in each and everyone of our prospects and customers. They tell us exactly what they are looking for, when they want it and where . We have the opportunity to communicate clearly, succinctly and be customer centric. Let’s forget about revenue for a second and make sure we deliver the experience and the results that our customers are looking for.

The more we make their search experience easy and desirable the more likely it is that we will increase top line revenue. Customers that search are much more likely to convert and also deliver more revenue than those that do not.

Let’s focus on the journey and the rest will follow. Let’s enjoy the success of travelling through e-commerce.