Getting into a web ecommerce and finding exactly what you’re looking for is a shared dream for all users and all e-commerce. Why? Because a happy customer is a customer who repeats a purchase and therefore both parties is benefit from this happiness.

Many times when a user ‘faces’ the online search engine , faces at the same time to unwanted searches, improperly applied filters or to the need to search for more even within the search results itself. In our goal to improve the user experience and the funcionalities of the internal search engine of e-commerce , we have developed the Facets system, a system used to select and order searches according to what is considered better or more important. Thus, it is the customer who chooses how to prioritize their searches. After a previous consulting process, the product tree is organized, always guiding web results to each client. Indeed,

Facets offers
the ability to select multiple filters simultaneously, allowing adaptation to user needs and this helps the integration of the different behaviors of each client, therefore,
to increase and improve Findability.
In the case of
, filters allow us to configure searchs according to age (which is intended for the product) and price.
Imaginariun factes capture
In the case of
, we can select products based on their brand and category to which they belong.
In the case of
, you can select products according to their category, brand, colour, litres, length, thickness, material, configuration, width, and gender system.
Daniel Footwear
lets you filter by categories, by brand, by color, by size, by boot type & by Price. This makes it easier for a
multibrand ecommerce
that allows to filter with more detail.
you can sort by lowest price, highest price and brand (A-Z) and filter by Gender, Category, Category 2 and Category 3. 4facets When search becomes so easy, just a click on what you have found and purchased is needed, no more!