Transparency has always been one of the pillars of Empathy’s values. We always strive to accomplish superior clarity in product offerings – and in our relationships with customers, prospects and partners. That’s why, for 2020, we are reinforcing this rapport by establishing deeper human relations with all Empathy stakeholders.

I‘m so happy to introduce Experience Empathy, a new way of exploring trust and transparency among Empathy and its customers and partners. We have already held some sessions, and they have proven to be a great opportunity to get to know up close, but Experience Empathy also is the best starting point for building reliable and trustworthy relationships.

Be an active - and early - participant

Experience Empathy comprises customizable sessions for stakeholders to learn about products that emote and, most importantly, about the people and technology behind those creations.

These sessions are held at the Empathy offices, in A Coruña or Gijón headquarters, giving you the chance to know how and where Empathy works. The main objective is to immerse oneself in the relationships between Empathy products and people in meaningful ways, and to be present as Empathy technology evokes emotions and adapts to any environment and business. So that, encounter the principles, concepts and thought processes behind the different search features and their implementation.

Some weeks ago, we received the visit of LOLAhome, a furniture and deco online shop that will soon showcase alluring and emotive search and discovery.

LOLAhome visit at Empathy headquarters
LOLAhome visit at Empathy headquarters

“The immersion help us to dive into’s philosophy, get to understand its emotive tools, and interact with its welcoming and talented team. This gave us a new vision for what is possible for the new Search at an alive search system that understands and responds efficiently to our customers’ needs and our business vision.” LOLAhome.

Experience Your Own Empathy

The Empathy immersion experience is the ideal kick-off for building your own Search & Discovery conversation. You will enjoy on-site access to all the options, customizable features and technologies that empower you to create or strengthen joyful and trustworthy relationships between your customers and your catalogue. In addition, the Empathy team will get to know you better, understand your main interests and expectations, and master the big picture of what a Search and Discovery experience must evoke on your site. See here a brief proposed agenda:

  Introduction to Empathy Experience          
  Empathy Interface and UX          
  Empathy Search          
  Playboard and Merchandising tools          
  Reporting and Analytics          
  Delivery, Support and QA          
  Setup Process and Communications Management          

In Summary

  • ‘Experience Empathy’ acts as a launching point for any Search and Discovery makeover: establishing expectations and requirements, and reinforcing advanced knowledge of the Empathy products and its associated technology.
  • It offers a high level of involvement from the very beginning, by customers and partners and by the different Empathy teams and members. There is nothing better than face-to-face contact to establish the right involvement and commitment.
  • It stablishes a sound communication kick-off that ensure consistency throughout the lifecycle of the project to achieve a successful end result.

If you’d like to know more about the agenda, sessions or goals within Experience Empathy, please contact us. We will be more than happy to hear from you!