Last month the entire Empathy team gathered together – for the first time ever – in a virtual Kickoff 2021 to celebrate our 2020 results and share our objectives for 2021. 

After closing a most unusual year, with the extraordinary addition of more than 100 new talents, Empathy’s executive team revealed more great figures for 2020: growth of 124 percent compared to the previous year. We look forward to 2021 with growth expectations of an additional 71 percent.

It is clear that 2020 was the best year yet for in terms of figures; we far exceeded our objectives and, naturally, we’re proud of our work: really hard work, especially during the lockdown days, getting used to remote work and experiencing high peaks of traffic on our clients’ sites. And with such huge change in the commerce industry, which has grown by 30 percent, the way consumers behave online has also changed. They want more meaningful experiences and need to be able to trust brands and be confident in the use of their data.

Our golden rule: Trust  

That’s why the Kickoff reinforced our message of Trust. Above all else, this annual kickoff centered Trust as the core principle for all aspects of the Empathy product.

In other words, the objective that guides the company’s relationship with its clients is to understand and elevate the consumer as a unique individual who seeks to be able to trust a brand. And those brands’ aspiration is none other than to become loyal companions of their customers. This is the main goal we have at, and this is how we want our clients to understand us.

New Search capabilities, such as MySearch, will elevate the consumers’ position from mere consumer to controller of their brand experience. With data and event-systems at their service, brands, in turn, will become processors as opposed to controllers.

Imbuing search with Motive

Few projects will add more value for online consumers in 2021 than Motive: a simple and intuitive search solution especially designed for small and medium size online businesses. 

Motive Search will count on search configuration and analytical tools, and it will allow each commerce site to customize its interface. Stay tuned to our upcoming communications.

The Team, key to success

Empathy’s kickoff championed the value of the human team as the key to the company’s growth. In 2020 Empathy grew from 50 employees to 160, with a strong effort in talent attraction as well as retention. Now is the time to focus on success, and establish the processes and tools for the different teams to continue growing together and surmounting impressive challenges. 

We have already built the path for this maturity and progress within the different teams through our culture and our strong sense of belonging to a great project in which everyone takes part. Among a long list of Employee Benefits, the training and certifications budget as well as our Stock Options Program have been the most remarkable reasons why Empathy is trusted as the place to develop a professional career.

With the same energy that allowed us to grow against all odds over the past year, together, always as a team, we made this year’s Kickoff unique, insightful and really fun!