Have you ever felt stuck in a never-ending cycle of creative block? Lost and unmotivated to tackle creative challenges you know you’re more than capable of facing, but doubts, insecurity, and imposter syndrome don’t let you move a muscle. 

As creatives, we are constantly solving complex problems in practical ways. Yet, we struggle to apply these methods to our internal processes. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

I’ve put together a list of 8 tips to help you enhance your creative flow and unlock your inner creative genius. 

Here are some of my favourite techniques when facing a creative block:

1. Recognise the Situation

I know something is wrong when I’ve visited the fridge twice. I quickly identify the problem.

I’m starting to get a creative block; time to start the protocol ‘Have no Fear’, beginning with this song playing at total volume.

2. Explore Infinite Paths

Obsessive thinking does not help.

If you’ve been going down the same route without making real progress, you should make some changes.

Build a new path with different arguments. Feel free. There is no one fixed solution to the same problem.

3. Be your own Cheerleader

You know that inner voice that loves to self-sabotage?

Silence it and tune into your inner cheerleader.

Keep calm. You’ve successfully overcome it before. You got this.

4. The doodle and its evolution

Every scribble is a courageous gesture. No one is watching, and no one is judging. 

Start with paper and pen, and go for the basics. Let even the silliest idea evolve on paper until opportunities start to arise.

5. Restless Conversations

Surely you know at least one person with the mindset of a forever student. These are the people who have an innate curiosity about how things work. 

Surround yourself with people who love challenges and are always asking questions. I admire Miguel Esteban’s ability to mix NASA, the last movie he’s seen, and the features he’s launched in Figma into one conversation.

6. Search outside

All around, we see interconnected systems; patterns replicated at different scales. Incredible links between nature, engineering, sociology, neurology and architecture. 

Don’t focus on design. Observe.

A global and analytical vision drives the flow of ideas. A change of environment might be what leads you to the solution. 

Curiosity will increase your knowledge and train your ability to think.

7. The sources

When you’re stuck, turn to your sources.

These are just a few that I treasure:

  • For digital products, I get a lot from reading Ui from Mars (Spanish content), led by Cris Busquets. Her posts are always consistent and to the point.
  • Smashing Magazine and Vitaly Friedman provide extensive and meticulous articles.
  • Luis Villa is a source of inspiration and strategic vision without a specific category, thanks to his ability to shake consciences. 
  • David Alayón for his experience in innovation and disruptive technologies.
  • And I am always returning to John Maeda and his excellent book The Laws of Simplicity, not just for when you’re stuck with designs but also for life tips.

8. The change of scene

Sometimes all we need to take a break.

I like to focus on an old or lower-priority project, even if it’s just for a few hours. Most of the time, my creative block magically disappears.

These 8 tips, born from personal experimentation, are just the start of unlocking your creative genius. They have helped me turn each block into an extraordinary adventure. I’m sure they’ll help you turn creative blocks into moments of growth and creativity.

Let’s face our creative challenges head-on, embrace the unknown and continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Remember, the only way to create excellent work is to continue learning, experimenting, and growing.