This week our blog post focuses on collaboration and how this theme throughout our business has aided us in our evolution. It’s an important value for us here at EmpathyBroker and has led to many of our successes. All my greatest achievements in life have been due to a great team ethos and spirit of collaboration and helping each other so that we all achieve. This applies in all areas, including any sporting achievements, work recognition or matters of house & home such as recently going unbeaten in the local 7 aside league. As the saying goes ‘no man/woman is an island’. No martech is an island either. Empathy – ‘ the ability to understand and share the feelings of another ’. This concept is at the core of our business and helps us achieve fantastic results with our many diverse partners. Whether they be in the electronics industry, retail or fashion we understand that these industries all bring different challenges and that we must empathize with these to improve our platform. Without this spirit of collaboration, there is no way that we would have got to where we are today and there is still more room for growth.

Collaboration allows us to assess one’s self and understand strengths & weaknesses, areas in which you can grow and develop. Not just with regards to the EB platform but also in relation to the organization. Great things happen when we work together, we learn from each other and can affect change in a much more efficient yet positive way by listening to other people’s ideas.

The understanding that collaboration is King has enabled us to create a platform in which we understand the necessity of being able to work with businesses incumbent architecture and we continue to develop to make sure that we can work with a variety of different platforms so that the integrations are reliable and robust. This also gives us the opportunity to work at scale as we combine our resources with many of our partners and internally to work on projects that ultimately give our platform the edge in a crowded marketplace.

We pride ourselves in this value of collaboration and feel that the more we work together, with our partners, internally and the marketplace the further we will go. We continue to grow our partnerships and are open to discussions with digital agencies/platforms that are looking to amplify their search experience . If you are one of those, please get in touch. ‘ Two heads are better than one’ .