Highlighting products and shining a spotlight on certain items comes with merchandisers’ territory. But what happens when instead of serving as a chance to facilitate both shopper and seller experiences, it draws time away from other important tasks?

Well, then you turn to the Empathy Platform Playboard’s Quick Boosting tool.

Within the Playboard, in addition to being able to individually boost and bury products in the catalogue, groups of items can be boosted based on a set of terms. Implementing the use of that criteria defines which items require Quick Boosting, and saves time for merchandisers needing to accentuate multiple products.

The Quick Boosting tool allows multiple filters to be selected and applied to the products with the matching criteria. Having the ability to define the time range and schedule the implementation of the boosting or burying gives merchandisers more detailed control over the promoted products. Plus, product IDs can be pasted instead of just typed, shaving time off of setup, and then saved for future campaigns.

This reimagined merchandiser centricity and control tool in the Empathy Platform Playboard offers the ability to plan the boosting or burying of a series of products in multiple different ways: Always Active, Start and End Date, Start Date Only, and End Date Only. It also provides the fine-tuning needed to simply remove individual products, allowing the rest of the boosted or buried product group to remain intact. 

Now, the Playboard offers yet another feature to optimise ecommerce Search & Discovery, customised to each brand’s needs. Less time configuring the appearance of the catalogue means more time for shoppers to explore and find their new favourite items, from their go-to store that implements commerce search built for trust.