PlayBoard WYSIWYG v4 Games are nature’s most beautiful creation ” - (1966, Leonard Cohen). Games are not only beautiful, but needed, this is why at EmpathyBroker we are redesigning the DashBoard into a new concept: The PlayBoard. The new PlayBoard will co-exist with the current version (v3) of EmpathyBroker’s DashBoard, however the new “ admin “ tool is conceived as a Game! We believe that handling EmpathyBroker has to be fun.

Business (Busy-ness) is a concept naturally associated with the lack of fun, and accepted to be fun-less since these activities offer a reward. Why could not be fun the management of Search Rankings, Boostings, Equalizing etc? At the end of the day a Game can be conceived from connecting People’s intentions and desired products.

Busy-ness does not have to be fun-less regardless of it being a investment of time that is to be rewarded. This is why EmpathyBroker PlayBoard adds elements of a Game to its offered Use Cases. As of today,

EmpathyBroker admin users deploy a set of tools </a> designed to increase search performance based on real time query trends. The new PlayBoard takes some of these key Use Cases such as Boosting and makes it fun to enable through a What You See Is What You Get editor that requires no forms, no filling fields, no configuration but merely movement of results and dragging and dropping incoming queries with the vibe of a Video Game. At EmpathyBroker we believe in the need to experience joy while interacting with an Information System , in the need of Software to be Aesthetic . To feel human even though we interact with the digital flatland, hence the elements of expressive design we bring to our search fronts (with elements of motion and instant search as you can experience on stores like , , or ).

The new PlayBoard is a key milestone in our vision for the future of Search. More to come, stay tuned.