At EmpathyBroker we believe that understanding engineering and computer students is very important. They will be our partners in the future and we need to transmit the philosophy and values of our company, our way of working and our products and services. Image-uploaded-from-iOS We aim to promote cultural change in a new professional environment. An environment where workers are autonomous and are able to create new ideas and products related to collaborative training, working as a team and learning every day. Knowing what they think, their fears and their doubts is important in building an optimal professional and talented environment. It is also interesting to know their desires and expectations, what they want and how they see the world. In this sense, at EmpathyBroker we participate in events so that we can approach the professionals of tomorrow , young people like us who are willing to grow professionally. These events include the visit to the Centro de Formación Profesional Rodolfo Ucha Piñeiro del Ferrol (Galicia, Spain) or the visit to the School of Computer Engineering at the University of Oviedo (Asturias, Spain), where they explained our work and future expectations and proposed projects to students.