Dear Empathy Friend,

I wanted to express Empathy’s gratitude for your trust as well as endorse you with the positive effect that it’s provoking.

We are an interesting generation. Grown with the Internet, developed our social lives on social media and to complete the picture, an alarming climate crisis and pandemic. We must, more than ever, take a stand for what is right. 

We are witnessing some of the less ethical products that the world has ever seen, products and enterprises that have one thing in common: They see people as things that can be used, objectifying individuals and households.

Faster growth and stronger revenue are needed, but it’s also true that this drive must be balanced. Customers must be approached just how we expect to be approached, naturally and humanly. 

Your trust is allowing Empathy to pursue this vision. A sustainable growth that shows interest in people. A trust we don’t take lightly, nor for granted. 

As per 2022, we encourage retailers to continue this journey, to deliver value free from customer surveillance, to invest in Web 3.0 innovations such as local-first/pods, decentralisation and Me2B models, to think of privacy as a fundamental human right.

Throughout 2022, Empathy’s Platform will also continue to evolve in unravelling relevancy and performance at the service of your merchandisers. Additionally, the new Empathy X Components (native and web), will become manageable through no-code controls, empowering merchandising teams with the orchestration of how Search is perceived. Worlds of value that Empathy’s Play will continue to unfold and connect with your drive and support.

Commerce Technology designed to address Ethics, Privacy & Trust.

Thank you for your foundational trust in Empathy. We are together at a critical time. A time that demands we take a stand for what is right.

Thank you,

Angel Maldonado