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Saas or Paas, Hosted or Managed

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Saas or Paas, Hosted or Managed


Empathy Platform is based on individual, productised microservices in which API and Data pipelines live together to provide ready-to-consume, secure and extensible architecture for the frontend experience. Empathy microservices are regularly enhanced to introduce innovations and keep pace with evolving technology.

Expressive UI Components

Following this API-First approach, Empathy Platform creates a composable frontend solution for web (VueJs) and native (iOS & Android). With its puzzle architecture, Empathy Interface X lets you adapt and customise the Search & Discovery components while maintaining the ability to upgrade them.

Composable technology

Empathy composable components and microservices put your developers in control and give you the freedom to innovate and express your unique brand identity. Your search is live in record time to market with Empathy Platform, creating engaging experiences for shoppers and merchants.

Empathy LAB

Ethical explorations by


Taking your instagram account further by teaching you more about yourself and your behaviour through the images you choose to post.

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Making the search for decentralised apps easier and more joyful. A place for the Solid community to share projects and discover new ones.

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A Privacy-First API where shoppers own their global purchase history in decentralised storage and control data shared with retailers.


A Me2Business marketplace where product visibility is controlled by the customer into their personal shopping feed.


A proof of concept entry point to Solid pods that improves the UX and security features increasing accessibility and security for everyone.

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