Humanizing Technology’s fifth podcast accompanies the release of Empathy’s important recent ebook: “The Future of Commerce Search”. For this special occasion, Empathy CEO Ángel Maldonado and Product Director Lara Menéndez have a conversation to explore their vision about this industry.

Predicting the future is impossible. But identifying what are the most important characteristics that define the present and project these forward, it reveals some important clues to understand where things are going.

This conversation is based on the three fundamental pillars on which Empathy’s vision is structured: People, Tech and Data. With these in mind, key questions can be reasonably answered: How will the future of Commerce Search be structured and formatted? What is its relation to the public and how can it influence future trends? How is Commerce Search going to evolve and adapt in the future? Will ethics play a part in future developments?

In order to be more open and transparent in our communication, Empathy has taken this opportunity to add living image to the podcast. Now you can enjoy the first video filmed at the headquarters in Gijón.

📖 Click here to enjoy “The Future of Commerce Search” ebook.

Empathy team encourage everyone to send any ideas or comments on the exciting future of the commerce search!