The end of the year is coming; Christmas time is closer than we can imagine and the time to start thinking about Christmas gifts has to be right now. For lovers of shopping, Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts are also coming and this is great news. The power of Findability on Black Friday and Cyber Monday Different studies have stated that this years Christmas campaigns (in which Black Friday and Cyber Monday are also included) are expected to be the best in the last 8 years with a big increase in sales . And this is in relation to the incorporation of offers from SMES, taking exclusivity away from large retailers that were initially unique in offering discounts at this time of year.

But the important thing; is what are people searching for during Black Friday and Cyber Monday? As a brand if we are able to understand this, we will be able to offer consumers exactly what they want and consequently, see an increase in sales and benefits. Considering previous years results, people tend to search for and buy technology and electronics , such as TVs, smartphones and electrical appliances, sports equipment , heart rate monitors and sports apparel and fashion and beauty products , as expected.

People are searching for those discounts that will make their Christmas purchases cheaper, expecting to find exactly the same stuff as any other day, but at a better price.

When there is an important campaign, brands need to make the most of findability and use all the empathy that surrounds it for designing a sales strategy based on consumer intentions, something you are able to know, because people are ‘creatures of habits’ during specific periods, and because EmpathyBroker Search Engine tool gives you the data.

Thus, as you probably know what people want for Christmas, direct them to these products on your site straight away! Findability can be key for those brands that know their customers and will offer them the best of their products, at a better price, making them happier than Santa Claus.