Comparisons are odious, even more when you compare two entirely different things. Since the Internet was introduced as a new media, it seamed advertising would be easier and cheaper from then on, in comparison with offline media.

Well-known and newcorners, big and small companies: welcome to the ‘ad paradise’. But some time later we all realized that advertising on the Internet is not as easy as it seamed to be. Constant dedication and a very personalised strategy are two important keys to when stepping into the Net. Therefore, when a monobrand ecommerce tries to compare itself with a multibrand ecommerce it’s not only making a mistake but wasting its precious time. Considering that a multibrand eshop has a wide stock of products this may be the main reason why Google is ‘giving’ it a better position over othermonobrand eshops; it’s because every new released product counts as new web content and this is considered as valuable information by Google.


Another difference is the quantity of brands contained on each kind of ecommerce: while monobrand appeals for traffic with a unique brand keyword, multibrand engages the users by different brand searches.

If you manage a monobrand ecommerce don’t pretend to compete with the ‘eshopping centers’ and start working on a good plan of attack:

  1. Grow up your brand from a custom communication strategy
  2. Improve your brand positioning with SEM and display campaigns
  3. Trust on a good Community Manager (no, your cousin may not be suitable for the purpouse)
  4. Welcome your users back with a good and well managed search engine. Once your customers find you appealing it is paramount to offer them the best user experience and make sure they will come back and back again.

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