2019 contains interesting clues to help us sketch what 2020 might mean to the companies we represent and the responsibilities we hold.

Whether our ventures excel and whether our teams feel purposeful, all this is in our capacity to point to the right future.

Empathy’s vision encapsulates a fundamental idea that influences everything we do:

The way people feel technology constitutes the blueprint for the way people perceive value, permitting customers to judge good or bad, positive or negative, beautiful or ugly, by that which they see in perfect combination with that which technology does.

When we founded Empathy the idea of creating digital products that elicit an emotional response beyond the rational, gave us hope that a two-way bridge could be established between Data and People, thus providing the way for a more comprehensible account of what it means to be innovative.

I am pleased to report that we have succeeded in this vision, achieving over 40% growth in 2019.

This year, 28 back and front-end engineers, DevOps, data scientists and designers have joined our product force to support many releases such as Discovery Wall, MVT, X-tensions, Image Search and the new Play (dashboard).

New large retail brands such as Carrefour and Kroger have also joined our family this year, placing their trust in us to rethink together and co-create the way we shop for groceries online.

Let us celebrate that creativity wins over the rational, that imagination and emotions are indispensable, that feelings are the markers to point to the future of technology.

Let’s celebrate that we are human, after all.