eSpares extends Empathy search technology to product category browsing espares

Everybody wonders how they are able to do it; when you go into a huge warehouse and ask a sales guy for any part and then he comes back with that part in less than two minutes. How did he found it in such a labyrinth? Organization, again. And ‘organization’ is one of the most important words and top of mind for eSpares; the UK’s leading spare parts retailer that manages a catalogue of over 1M spares. Yes, we love challenges so we had more than enough excitement when we began working together with the giant eSpares. Putting together the concept of  ‘organization’ and ‘data’ has a significant name for us: EMPATHY .

So, if we have big amounts of data and we could manage a clever organization, why not extend our Empathy technology beyond site search ? And that’s exactly what we did with eSpares: a wonderful Empathy Site Search plus Empathy Site Navigation . We aim to create the best, most complete and fluid eSpares user experience by powering brand pages and product categories . Some of benefits are already notable:

Consistency: Unifying search and navigation offers a consistent experience for the users; layouts, products, the way they are shown… in brief, users get rapidly familiar with the eSpares onsite environment.

Rank it all: Search technology allows you to rank products on page results based on business and behavioural criteria (i.e. Best Sellers, product ratings, etc. ) as well as on personal metrics (i.e. browsing history/clicks, purchases, location, etc.). These ranking algorithms can also be applied to product and brand pages without the need to manually organize the order of products in each of these pages. All in all, they help push sales with very little merchandising work to be done! espares1 Performance: Search technology speeds up the browsing experience, it offers a high performance platform that allows advanced filtering and ranking within a very big catalogue of products.