Ethical Discovery

Ethical Discovery


Data Capture

  • Zero-Party Data: No cookies of any kind. No tracking means no need to integrate consent requests.
  • No user profiling data captured.
  • No location data, IP addresses, device or browser information.
  • No image or voice processing.

Data Processing

  • Ethical customisation using read-only information, without ever profiling.
  • Personal Information free, so there is no need to anonymise information.
  • No data de-identification, no pseudonymised information.

Data Persistence

  • Collective contextualisation offers meaningful results and suggestions that respect privacy.
  • Local storage means data never leaves the customer’s device.
  • Leading innovation in PODs and decentralised data ownership that puts customers in control.
ISO27001 ISO ISO27701 ISO


Context-aware suggestions anticipate, guide and inspire your customers

Empathy Platform transforms suggestions into typeless experiences that intuitively adapt to fit customers’ needs. Advanced data science underpins trends, suggested next queries, and related tags to ensure quick, relevant results and never leads to a dead-end.

The Playboard gives merchandisers visual control of search results

Control relevance through a clear-cut, no-code experience in Empathy Platform Playboard. The visual expression of search results, along with experience controls and data visualisation tools make it easy for merchandisers to curate search results. A dynamic, intuitive merchandiser experience translates to a captivating customer shopping experience.

Easily understand why results appear as they do

Empathy Platform Playboard is transparent, clearly showing merchandisers why they see results in a certain way. Powerful data science algorithms make suggestions based on a vast array of factors, from past purchases and promotions, to common associations and wisdom of the crowd. All this enables merchandisers to create the most enticing experience for shoppers.


Safe, expressive Search & Discovery delights and entertains

Privacy-First Search & Discovery with Empathy Platform is a game changer, allowing users to enjoy their shopping experience, without having to worry about their personal data. Recommend items respectfully and privately with Empathy Platform, thanks to intent-based, product and one-on-one recommendations that are customised without Personal Information.

Get everything you need to provide an intuitive shopping experience that encourages discovery, while building brand confidence through expressive, joyful journeys.

Monitor search performance and trends, adapt on the spot

Empathy Platform shows merchandisers how their shoppers are interacting with their store, making it a breeze to spot new trends as they contemplate data received in real time.

With powerful tooling in Empathy Platform Playboard, merchandisers can swiftly adapt results with an array of tools that boost, rank, employ synonyms, promote and much more. Performance and response times are stellar year-round, even on big ecommerce days.

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