We dedicate the fourth episode of Humanising Technology to the future of digital and human values. And on this journey we couldn’t have a better companion than Michael Stich, General Partner and CEO of Services for CourtAvenue, and advisor and investor in various startups.

The benefits of technology in our daily lives are obvious, but we should ask technology for something more: To help us grow, to help us improve, to teach us and, in short, to fit in with our life aspirations.

The challenge and the opportunity before us are to find a way to unite this focus on the human, with the efficiency and practicality of technology in our businesses. To do so, it is important to find ways to enhance human values without losing sight of economic growth.

As Michael Stich points out, “Being able to say we’re investing in future products, future services, our employees and their satisfaction… instead of just maximising overall earnings for the company. And the beauty is in that balance”.

The question we ask ourselves is whether this new approach will help, as David Bowie pointed out in 1999, to transition the power of the Internet, which is now in the hands of a few, towards a decentralised landscape where the individual will have his or her own voice.

Plug in and enjoy