In the 6th episode of our podcast, we spoke to Ángel Maldonado, founder and CEO of, about our latest project and brand new initiative, the Ethical Commerce Alliance.

Empathy’s philosophy of trust, understanding and joy is exercised in everything we do and amplified in all of our products and services we offer. To take this to a next level and promote our values and responsibility, we have founded a new initiative that we call the Ethical Commerce Alliance. 

Nina Mueller as host of the show and leading this initiative is asking about the beginnings. 

Ángel Maldonado in his very own style describes what motivates him and why there was the need to take the initial idea one step further and turn it into an actual project that reflects’s vision and philosophy. 

The Alliance starts as a network of various different stakeholders from the industry and academia to gather knowledge, information and ideas from different perspectives on privacy, data and ethics.

Ángel exemplifies one of the first of our activities being a panel discussion in London with industry experts from Vodafone, the BBC as well as an ethicist, a data scientist and external consultants. Everyone was highly motivated and happy about the ability to discuss ethical and privacy topics with like-minded people. A more public discourse that is required to find solutions towards a more ethical and trustworthy way of handling data.

The Ethical Commerce Alliance will continue to host these and similar events, the next edition already planned for 10th March in Berlin to offer a platform for exchange and knowledge.

The podcast concludes with Ángel’s three main goals for empathy as a whole company:

  1. to grow sustainably and organically
  2. to continue our path of innovation and sophistication in creating search and discovery solutions that preserve privacy and ethics by design
  3. to have fun and be creative in everything we do. 

In our next episode, we will be talking to empathy’s product owner Pieter Vegt on his ideas on decentralisation and why he thinks privacy by design is the way forward! Don’t miss it.