Put your customers
at the centre

Most consumers are willing to share data with brands they trust. Empathy Platform helps to establish trust by putting customers in control of their data. At Empathy, we believe brands that refuse to monetize customers' data will earn their trust and be rewarded with long-term loyalty.

Full compliance with privacy regulations including GDPR and CCPA

Empathy fully complies with all major privacy regulations, including GDPR and CCPA, although that is only the start of the journey in developing trust. Empathy adds support for zero-party data, explicit affinities, and data portability.

Interplay lets you leverage existing data without duplication

Interplay lets the Empathy Platform operate without duplicating sensitive client data, simplifying data protection. Because data breaches carry reputational, regulatory, and financial risk, data protection is a key initiative for IT departments everywhere.


Context-aware suggestions anticipate, guide and inspire your customers

Empathy offers context-aware suggestions as typeless experiences that guide and inspire customers, intuitively anticipating their needs. Advanced data science underpins trends, suggested next queries, and related tags. Empathy search is fast and relevant and never responds with a dead-end.

Expression Controls give business users visual control of search results

With Empathy, the merchandising team controls the visual expression of results without IT intervention, allowing for a fresh and dynamic experience for consumers and freeing developer's time to focus on more profound innovation.

Explain why customers see results

Empathy is transparent with consumers on why results appear, helping them to understand and feel understood by putting AI at their service. Powerful data science algorithms make suggestions based on a vast array of factors, from past purchases to common associations, promotions, or even weather patterns.


Expressive Search and Discovery delights and entertains

Expressive search instantly presents relevant and inspiring results with animations, expansions, and motion that spark joy. Shopping is more than a transaction. Shopping is a favorite pastime that entertains and inspires.

Monitor search performance, spot trends and adapt

Delighting merchandisers and marketers is as essential to Empathy as enchanting consumers. Insight shows merchandisers how people interact with the store, spotting new trends as they contemplate real-time data. With Play, merchandisers adapt search results with boost, attribute ranking, behavioral merchandising, and synonyms.

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