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A series of live interactive talks with inspirational women

23RD JUNE AT 12:00 CET 8:00 ET 20:00 CST

Building a network of win-win relationships

In our first talk, we'll hear about:

  • Using trust as a starting point for new connections
  • Teamwork, diversity and being yourself
  • Breaking out of your comfort zone
  • Achieving a work-life balance
Esther Lucena


Esther Lucena

Western Europe Head of Partners Sales at Adobe
Tania Asa

Tania Asa

Strategic Alliances Director at Empathy.co


Elevate Women with Empathy.co is a series of live video conversations that aim to amplify women's voices and experiences to inspire confidence and change.

Our speakers include leaders and field experts whose knowledge and experience can help lift women through the glass ceiling and towards their goals.

Our series of live talks are free and open to all genders. We encourage support and dialogue on the topics covered both during and after the talks.

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