Wishlist Event

Created by Lara Menéndez · last update June 6, 2019

About this event

The wishlist event is used to track products that are added to the user wishlist from the search results, either directly from the results page or through a product details page.

As in other interaction events, product and search information are collected.


Parameter definitions and implementation details for each one of the supported integrations provided.


GET https://api.empathybroker.com/tagging/v1/track/{instance_ID}/wishlist

Query parameters

Please refer to the click event’s parameters.

Response 200 OK if successful

Example https://api.empathybroker.com/tagging/v1/track/myinstanceid/wishlist?q=jeans&title=Jeans_acid_wash_skinny&productId=0001-2589-3698&page=1&url=https://mypdppage.com&scope=desktop&lang=es&store=es&session=83065720-6d15-4bda-a7a8-bf87eb9637ce&user=744b0f7a-32c9-4f89-9427-d84135aefa7e