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Checkout Event

Created by Lara Menéndez · last update June 6, 2019

About this event

The browse checkout event is used to track transactions of products selected from a product category page or from a product detail page. As in other browse interaction events, product and category details are collected.


Parameter definitions and implementation details for each one of the supported integrations provided.


GET https://api.empathybroker.com/tagging/v1/track/{instance_ID}/browseCheckout

Query parameters

Please refer to the browse product event parameters.

Revenue information can be provided with the additional revenue parameters.

Response 200 OK if successful

Example https://api.empathybroker.com/tagging/v1/track/myinstanceid/browseCheckout?categoryId=84a534|RootCatName1/55d7047|ChildCat1/5f57048|ChildCat23&productId=0001-2589-3698&position=12&page=1&url=https://mypdppage.com&scope=desktop&lang=es&store=es&session=83065720-6d15-4bda-a7a8-bf87eb9637ce&user=744b0f7a-32c9-4f89-9427-d84135aefa7e