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Term Success Reports

Created by Lara Menéndez · last update June 12, 2019

About these reports

These reports represent the “success” of search terms by the following metrics: number of queries,number of clicks (on first page and next pages), clicks on success, sponsored counts, add to carts and wishlist.

When a term is specified in any of these reports, all queries that contain such a term are returned.

Business Value

What insights can be obtained with this report?

  • Understand the performance of your top search terms: when each term starts being popular? Which is the evolution of its performance and popularity?
  • Understand the performace of a search term: and all the queries containing it.
  • Understand the trend of your no results and take action on them: Is there any search term worth to be added to my catalog? What are users looking for and not finding out?

No results visualisation