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Query parameters glossary

Created by Lara Menéndez · last update July 26, 2019

Main Parameters

start_date Initial date of the data request Int (ISO 8601 format) YES
end_date Finish date (not included) of the data request Int (ISO 8601 format) YES
format Output format, it can be either ‘json’ o ‘csv’. Value by default is json String NO

Filters & Pivots

scope Scope of the query (i.e device type: desktop, mobile..) String
lang Language of the query (i.e es,it,fr…) String
store Store id for data requested String
catalog Catalog value for data requested String
section Section value for data requested String

IMPORTANT: Filters to be used should be listed within the “filters” parameter. Filters values should be added as independent params.

EXAMPLE: dailyDist?filters=lang,store&lang=es&store=142856

Report specific parameters

type Type of terms to return (0: all, 1: queries w/results, 2: no results queries) Int No Terms, Keyword and Top Reports
terms Query to search String Yes except in Term Success Report Terms reports
keyword Given a keyword, find all those queries that contain it together with the times all the keywords appear String No Keyword Reports
terms is used to trigger the TOP ‘n’ categories which contain, among its words, the ones specified in this array String No Category reports
levels Refer to the category position in a given breadcrumb (i.e. ‘[Man > Pants], ‘Pants’ in this case has a level 2). When a certain level or levels are specified within the request, only those meeting the criteria are shown (not those before ‘n-level’ or after ‘n-level’) list[str] No Category reports
parent_ids Return only those categories which immediate predecessor category is among these IDs. list[str] No Category reports
success Order results by successCount Bool No Category reports
browsing For customers that are tagging navigation (aka browse) events setting this field to True toggles the report to browsing mode: the categories include a “views_data” field and all fields refers to browsing data. Bool No Category reports
category_id Category to calculate its distribution String Yes Category Distribution Report
top_k Number of results by group of pivots Int No Top Reports
group Return results grouped by pivots (false, true) String No Top Reports
min_sessions Minimum sessions, where the pair of queries was repeated, required to return each result Int No Next Queries Reports
group Return results grouped by pivots (false, true) String No Top Reports
config_id Equalize config to filter String No Equalize Config Report
boost_id Id of a boost to include in the response String No Boost Config Report

Format Parameters

offset Number of results to omit Int NO All reports
rows Number of results to return Int No All reports
evol Calculate the Evolution for specific parameters in the response. Bool NO All reports