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Google Data Studio Connector

Created by Daniel Guerra · last update February 12, 2020

What is about

Empathy Stats API can be integrated with Data Studio. You can easily connect to a variety of search perform data sources and visualise through highly configurable charts and tables.

With Data Studio, now you can create, share and collaborate your insights with your team in a fast way.

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  • Add your Empathy Instance ID

    Each Empathy project has INSTANCE_ID assigned. This ID will be required every time you create a report and will be provided by your Account Manager or by the Empathy Support Team.

  • Have a look to the metrics and dimensions available

    One you have your instance_id you can connect and create your reports. But firstly you need to take a look into the metrics and dimensions glossary to have a clear idea what would you have to use.

  • Create a report

    Now you are able to create your own data reports!

    For more information, how the connector works click here

    Connector Dashboard

Filter Control

With the new version of DSCC and thanks to our integration, filtering has never been so easy.

Click in the top toolbar. Select your filter as a dimension and hit the preview button in the upper right corner.


Now you can select between the different filters that we offer you and the KPIs will update themselves.


KPIs Percentages

In order to view your KPIs as a percentage you will need to do a small conversion inside the connector once you have selected the chart.

Be sure to edit the default aggregation mode and change it to ‘Median’.


\ In this way you can obtain the percentage of the KPIs returned correctly.