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Contextualize API

Created by Pedro Ondiviela ยท last update June 3, 2020

What is this about?

Contextualize API provides access to user behavioural data that can be used to improve search results ranking.

The data provided by this API addresses different use cases:

  • context per query: user interaction data utilizing index field signals and products

    • the user context: 1 to 1 personalization
    • the query context: crowd aggregated behaviour
  • context per category: product-based interaction weights per category

Step by step guide

  • Step 1: Getting your INSTANCE_ID

    Each Empathy project has an INSTANCE_ID assigned. This ID will be required in any of the contextualize methods available and will be provided by your Account Manager or by the Empathy Support Team.

  • Step 2: Ask for Contextualize activation

    Once you have an INSTANCE_ID, the next step is to activate the contextualisation for your searches.

    Our integrations experts will setup the most interesting fields for each use case and, from that moment, interactions and searches of each user will generate a totally anonymous preference profile that will allow personalising the results.

  • Step 3: Enabling data collection via events

    In case empathy frontend is used, the integration is already included. Otherwise implementation of tagging events needed.

  • Step 4: Start using the available endpoints